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New Zealand's best looking composting toilet.


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We’re passionate about people and the planet. 100% of our profits go straight back into the Canterbury community.

Easy to use, clean and install

Our Eco-loos are made with smooth, non-porous materials, naturally resistant to moisture and smell. All surfaces are easy to wipe.

It’s easy to install all our Eco-loos. We design them with compact footprints to make more room in your bathroom. All you need is a simple 12 volt hookup for your fan and fill indicator.

The Eco-loo design features:

  • Wide-opening lid for easy container removal
  • Quiet, long-life extractor fan for a sweet smelling bathroom
  • Easy-to-read electronic fill indicator (Classic only)
  • A separate standard-size toilet seat for maximum comfort
  • A simple modesty flap to cover the solids (poo) container when not in use

How it started: Man on a mission


When Des retired, his first project was to fit out a camper van for him and his wife to start travelling the country. When he went looking for a toilet, he saw the current options used chemicals or were too expensive. Des knew he could build a better one for less. So he retreated into his shed and designed his own superior waterless urine-separating toilet. Before long other campers and tiny home builders wanted one too.

So Des retreated to his shed and designed his own waterless, urine separating toilet. The first Eco-loo, a superior, better value self contained toilet.

Des partnered with his buddies at Menzshed to create a social enterprise where 100% of profit goes to the community.

When Des retired, his first project was fitting out a campervan for himself and his wife. He could only find expensive or chemical-based loos, and knew he could build one better.

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Menzshed is a registered charity that makes spaces for members to work on practical projects and build a community together. Specialist members of the Enzell volunteer team arrived through Menzshed.

Halswell Menzshed is a bit of a campervan-building hub, and has been a great proving ground for developing, testing and refining our Eco-loos. We also used Menzshed’s specialist equipment, particularly when making prototype moulds for vacuum forming.

The Enzell ethos

Quality, locally made products at affordable prices. We continually improve our products while keeping development costs low.

The Enzell team is motivated by the quality and function of our Eco-loos, and the difference we make to our customers and community.

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Enzell’s passionate supporters

With our supporter’s help we can do even more, with 100% of profits going back into community projects. A big thanks to all of you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question below, feel free to get in touch with us!

Which Enzell toilet should I buy - self contained or split system?

Self-contained is great if you are on the move in a campervan. You can empty the built-in urine container whenever you need, without the hassle of plumbing into a grey water tank. The Classic Eco-loo is perfect for a self-contained bathroom.

For a tiny home where the toilet is used more often, you might want to go for a split system. You can run the urine hose to a large external container so you don’t need to empty it as often. Having guests over? No problem. The Lifestyle Eco-loo and the Original Eco-loo are the way to go.

How often do I need to empty the solids (poo) container?

Our toilets have a 15 litre container, which should last two people 7 to 10 days before you have to empty them.

Do I need to use a compostable bag in the solids container?

We strongly recommend it. We use two for extra strength.

Using bags makes emptying so much easier. Just lift the bag out when full, no cleaning required.

How often do I need to empty the urine (wee) container?

We recommend emptying the on-board container every three days, otherwise it gets a strong ammonia smell which is unpleasant when emptying.

If lots of people use the toilet, you’ll need to empty it more often. Our Eco-loos have an LED indicator telling you how full the urine container is.

Another option is to pipe the urine to a larger external tank or into a soak pit.

Do I need to install the extraction fan?

The fan removes moisture from the solids bucket and helps to keep things dryer. The fan also extracts smells when the toilet is used. In a tiny home this makes a big difference. Alternatively, you can operate a urine separating toilet without a fan if you cover every poo with a handful of wood chips or another carbon-rich material.

If you notice a smell you need to use more cover. The disadvantage is your solids container fills faster and needs to be emptied more often.

How soon will it compost in the toilet?

It won’t compost in the toilet. Composting takes time, and happens in a larger external container or composting pile.

What is the best cover material to use?

We prefer to use untreated wood shavings. You can usually get these free from joinery firms. You can also use shredded newspapers, large sawdust or wooden cat litter pellets. Any carbon-based material will do.

The important thing is to keep the solids tank as dry as possible. Excess moisture is the enemy.


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