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Lifestyle Eco-loo

New Zealand’s best looking composting toilet. Our smell-free, chemical free solution with outside urine tank, perfect for off-grid and tiny homes.

 $1,225 NZD
Price includes GST

The Enzell Lifestyle Eco-loo is a urine separating waterless toilet for permanent bathroom installation in your off-grid house or tiny home.

The Lifestyle Eco-loo pipes urine (wee) into an external container. You can use any 10 or 20 litre plastic container. 

This model is best for tiny homes or off-grid accommodation because you don’t have to empty the urine bottle as often. This is especially helpful if you have extra guests using the toilet.

Alternatively you can run urine directly into an existing sewer or soak pit. Consult your local council or registered plumber for advice.

The toilet requires a 12 volt power supply for the fan and a 40 mm air extraction point. The long-life quiet fan continuously extracts air and moisture from the body of the toilet for a sweet-smelling bathroom.

Our design avoids common frustrations of other waterless toilets, giving you a hygienic, clean bathroom toilet that looks amazing.

The Lifestyle model does not have an internal urine bottle or electronic urine level monitor. For these features see the Classic Eco-loo.

You can use an Enzell Eco-loo almost like a “normal” water toilet.

The main difference is it separates liquids and solids while you use it. This prevents anaerobic bacterial activity which is what typically creates smell. 

Men, this is a sit-down toilet! This makes sure wee goes to the front area without splashing.

You must open the chamber flap to use the solids (poo) container. Use the lever on the side of the toilet to open the chamber flap after you sit down.

Inside the toilet you can see the flexible hose at the front to take the urine away to an external wall. At the back is the square 15 litre container for solids. Please note you will need to supply your own external urine container, and a hose that runs from the external wall to the container.

Line the solids container with a compostable plastic bag (available at most supermarkets) and put in a couple of handfuls of wood chip or coconut coir in the bottom to absorb any excess moisture. Purchase this from a garden centre or get wood chip from your nearest Menzshed, joinery factory or the like.

You shouldn’t need to add more woodchips or coconut coir after each use. If you do find moisture is building up between bag changes, add a sprinkling of sawdust or coconut coir after each use. You can also put toilet paper in the solids bucket.

Keep the bowl clean using a spray bottle filled with water, a teaspoon of vinegar and a few drops of lavender oil to add a pleasant scent. Spray the bowl lightly before use. Give the bowl a light spray again after use.

Enzell Eco-loos are easy to install. 

You will need a 12 volt DC power supply to power the extraction fan. This can be supplied direct from a 12 volt house battery or through a 240AC – 12VDC transformer if you are on mains supply. Transformers are available from any consumer electronics outlet.

The Lifestyle Eco-loo fan housing connects direct to standard 40 mm PVC pipe and fittings. You can duct the air outside either through an external wall or floor. There is no need to glue the fittings, just push them together. Keep the length of the 40 mm pipe as short as possible. This reduces air resistance and ensures good extraction.

Your loo comes with an insect screen cap for the end of the extraction duct. It is important to fit this, otherwise flies and other insects can enter the pipe. Make sure you can reach the cap so you can regularly remove any build-up of dust.

The urine waste hose is a flexible hose that connects to 40 mm PVC pipe. Run the pipe out through the floor or back of the unit to your external waste tank.

You can get standard pipe and fittings from any hardware or plumbing outlet.

Once the air extract duct, 12 volt supply and urine waste have been connected securely, fix your Enzell Eco-loo to the floor using the four stainless steel screws supplied.

Your Enzell Eco-loo comes with full instructions.

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